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About J-shared

We started J-shared in 2019. J-shared mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories so as to create connections between folks and make a a lot of simply and compassionate world.

We try this to prompt each other of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between folks, to show the worth of listening, and to weave into the material of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters. At identical time, we have a tendency to ar making a useful archive for future generations.

J-shared Corps


We are committed to improving the quality of services, benefits and efficiency by attracting and inviting partners who are best suited to meeting role standards and we do not look at race, belief, color, nationality (subject to the law of eligibility), ethnic origin, religion, sex age, changes in gender, sexual orientation, marital status, connections with national minorities, membership or not being a member of a trade union or, unless disabled, can be justified.

We apply equal policies for all managing sites and other partners.


We hope to make their best efforts to verify the stories submitted for publication, and make it easier for readers to know more about the organization and the people who gave them the news, and to support quality journalism.